What's the difference between psychotherapy, counseling and therapy?

Therapy, counseling and psychotherapy are often used interchangeably and carry a similar meaning. Both imply "talk therapy" and a healing, empathic relationship with a health care professional.

Generally, counseling is usually shorter term and focuses on problem solving and learning specific coping skills. Counseling involves mutual discussion with attention being given to present situations. Counselors don't give advice though provide guidance to move someone forward and get unstuck.

Psychotherapy is often thought of as a longer term process that resolves a broader array of issues. Psychotherapy includes developing insight into a person's thought and behavior patterns and their way of being in the world. It's focus is on creating solutions to the big picture that affects someone's relationships, daily functioning and chronic problems. Therapy is a shortened version of the word psychotherapy.

There is often an overlap in practicing counseling and psychotherapy. I use the term interchangeably because I provide both solution-focused services, as well as help in resolving underlying issues that create repetitive problems that affect general functioning. I am trained in both psychotherapy and counseling. I have a Master of Science degree in marriage, family and child counseling and am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. You can verify my license here. Click on the top link that says: The New BreEZe system is here!