Get support and reclaim your life from depression

Are you or a family member finding that the challenges of living with depression is creating a significant challenge in just getting through each day?

Effectively managing a mood disorder requires a clear plan and positive support. I provide individual and family counseling for adults and adolescents who are experiencing mild, moderate or severe symptoms of depression or other mood disorders. Help and hope are here for you. Click here to schedule your FREE 20 minute phone consultation to see how I may be able to help you master coping skills and feel better soon.

Therapy is an extremely helpful part of improving your daily functioning.

sacramento counseling therapy depression

With a compassionate and directive approach, I will guide you to discover or recover your strengths to help manage symptoms. With a unique treatment plan created for your needs and abilities, together we will work to decrease the impact of depression, allowing you to know joy again.

You will learn effective coping skills to address low self-esteem, difficulty concentrating, irritability, negative thinking, feeling detached, worrying, ruminating thoughts or other troubling symptoms to feel empowered and in control of your life again.

Learn to love yourself and create meaningful healthy and happy relationships.

We will also address the negative impact that depression often has on your self-esteem and relationships. Through gentle, supportive therapy, we will look at any underlying negative beliefs about yourself, and challenge self-limiting assumptions. With increased insight, you will release negative patterns and transform into that flourishing individual that you envision.

A healthy self-care routine will be developed enabling you to maintain positive, lasting changes to live a balanced life.


At your request and with your authorization, I will collaborate with your psychiatrist, primary care physician, support persons or other outside resources in order to provide you with better continuity of care. If you have these needs, please notify me and we will discuss how to coordinate services.

You deserve to devote time and energy to combating these symptoms so you can reclaim your life! Schedule your free 20 minute consultation by clicking here. You can also email me to ask for more information or give me a call at 916-295-1819 to schedule an appointment at my Sacramento counseling office and we can get to work helping you helping you feel better!