therapy for bipolar depression anxiety sacramento

I help people living with the challenges of anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder to master effective coping skills and create balanced lives.

Maybe you've had to work extra hard at managing your thoughts and feelings, and this leads to those chiding voices in your head repeating that you're not "good enough." When you were younger you were full of ideas and plans, but never quite felt like you fit in. You trudged on toward your goals, sometimes feeling lonely and unsure of yourself, and kept going anyway because you're resilient and perhaps a little stubborn.

Counseling therapy sacramento anxiety depression

When the anxiety stealthily crept in and then grew into overwhelming fear, or when the depression dripped your muscles in molasses and darkened your vision of the future, or the mood shifts made your daily schedule chaos at best, your goals were shifted from enjoying a career and family to figuring out how to survive.  

Get support to help you manage those symptoms that get in the way of you living your life by scheduling your free 20 minute phone consultation here.

Learn to thrive in the most extraordinary relationship you can have, the one with your Self.

Living with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder may have created a sense of shame or embarrassment in who you are. Being emotionally intimate with others can be difficult because there's a part of you that you're hiding. Self-doubts can interrupt your ability to flourish in your career or have the kind of meaningful relationships you desire. 

You get that learning and practicing effective self-care with compassionate support will continue to be a part of your life. Now, you're ready for more. You're yearning to explore and connect with your true Self. There is a part of you that knows you're amazing, but you don't know how to cultivate those positive traits to empower yourself forward. 

Ditch the shame and (re)claim your identity.

counseling therapy sacramento anxiety depression

It's not that you want to be like everyone else. You want to be who you are, but even better! You're tired of pretending to be happy. You want change. Schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation today for help with figuring out your first step toward reclaiming your self-worth and feeling joy again!

Are you motivated to transform your struggles into strengths to find joy and fulfillment?

I invite you to explore your potential to establish a wonderful balance of health and happiness. Many clients who work with me in my Sacramento counseling office experience:

  • Increased self-worth and self-confidence

  • Ability to manage stress, anxiety, depression or mania before it takes over

  • Mastery of coping skills to dismantle negative thought and behavior patterns

  • Competency in quality communication and anger management skills

  • Capacity to create healthy boundaries and enhanced relationships

  • Clarity of purpose and pride in yourself

I'm happy to speak with you now by phone or by scheduling for an appointment in my Sacramento counseling office. If you're inspired to make some positive changes today, click here for a free phone consultation.

If you're not ready yet, that's OK. I get it. You can take a look at my blog and see what you think.  You can also catch me on my Facebook page for good coping tips, inspirational quotes and some giggles.

I'm happy to support you, however your journey unfolds.