Stress and anxiety challenge us at home and work, negatively affect relationships and contribute to unhappy and overwhelmed lives. Get relief. Ask for help today.

When we're feeling fearful and worried, struggling to complete our family and career responsibilities, and our relationships are suffering, outside guidance is often needed. Hope and help are here for you.

Through greater confidence and new empowering skills, you will gain control over stress and anxiety and create balance and calm. We will work together to help you decrease the daily struggles and focus on solutions. 

You will discover your unique strengths and build on them to get effective results.

As we begin therapy, you will learn effective coping skills to help provide you with prompt relief. I will develop a plan designed around your strengths to decrease stress and manage the symptoms of anxiety before they take over.




Once the immediate discomfort has diminished, we will take a look at underlying issues that may be triggering stress and anxiety and focus on creating lasting solutions. By digging in and transforming any negative patterns into positive changes, you will be empowered to a more joyful and harmonious lifestyle.

I am committed to providing you with therapy tools that will help you shift chaos into calmness and feeling overwhelmed into overjoyed.

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I offer client-centered therapy at my Sacramento counseling office that revolves around your goals. If you aren't sure what those goals are for you, we will work together to discover them.

We will uncover self-limiting beliefs that are stopping you from succeeding personally and professionally.

If you feel like stress or anxiety is controlling you, take the first step to get your life back. Contact me for your FREE 20 minute consultation at 916-295-1819, or schedule it yourself by clicking here.


I offer appointments Monday - Thursday 10am - 6pm at my convenient Sacramento counseling office