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Balancing a career, family and our physical and emotional health can be exhausting. Getting help with it all brings relief.

Colleen king LMFT

You're not alone with overwhelming stress, anxiety, depression, fears or feeling like you're sleep-walking through your relationships. A lot of people feel challenged with living up to others or their own expectations. Be the one who finds a much better way to manage it so you can truly enjoy what you've worked hard to achieve.

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I'm Colleen King, a licensed psychotherapist, and it's my passion to help adolescents and adults living with the challenges of mood disorders and shame-based feelings to master effective coping skills and increase self-worth.

After 13 years working as a counselor and psychotherapist in a variety of community mental health clinics, I opened my own Sacramento counseling office to focus my skills on helping clients develop meaningful, lasting change.

I gained valuable experience and professional training as a therapist working with a diverse population of youth, adults, families and groups. From short term, solution-focused counseling to long term, in-depth psychotherapy, I learned how to meet my clients where they are at and take them to where they want to go.

My clients are some of my best teachers. Each of you has something to offer the world, and I cherish the privilege to be there with you, listening and guiding, as we work together.

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I am committed to providing my clients with the tools they need to better navigate their lives and enhance their relationships.

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If you feel nervous about taking the next step, perhaps it will be comforting for you to realize that starting therapy is often a lot easier and more comfortable than anticipating the therapy process. I encourage you to call or send me an email to get started now.

I will answer any questions you might have with your free 20 minute consultation. Or if you prefer, we can schedule an appointment to meet in person at my Sacramento counseling office by calling 916-295-1819. I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you personally.